What Are Some Ways to Come Up With Blog Topic Ideas?

Blogs are great to post on your website and social media accounts to attract potential customers. Coming up with fresh and new blog topics to excite your audience can get difficult when you start to run out of ideas. Every writer will experience “writer’s block” or just a lack of ideas for content, and that’s okay. Luckily, there are ways to get your mind flowing again!

Google Search Console Performance Report

Check out the search queries that people are using that your site ranks for. Seeing the types of things people are searching can give you ideas to write about that you may have never thought about before.

Keyword Research

Finding long-tail keywords and using it as a blog topic is a helpful SEO strategy for blogging. Search for the keyword and see what comes up. If there’s anything about competition, that can inspire you to write something similar or better. Using the keyword research, you’ve put together can make for great blog topics.


Pinterest is a prime source for finding blog post ideas. Search for blog topics and add in your niche to get better results for exactly what you’re looking for.

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator is the perfect point in the right direction. It won’t give you immediately what you’re looking for, but it will get your brain flowing enough to get you thinking of other ideas. Adding creativity to your blogs will make them more interesting to read and rank better, as well.

Days of The Year

Days of The Year is a website where you can find holidays for every day of the year. If you find one that pertains to the industry you’re blogging for, try to use it as a topic. People will be able to relate to these types of blogs, as they are usually more lighthearted and in-the-moment. Whenever you’re stuck on thinking of a topic, this is a source that will always have something in store.

Other Blogs

Search for the competition. What are other industry bloggers writing about? Even just scrolling through to see topics and not even read the blogs can help. This will also guarantee the content is uniquely yours. Yes, you got the idea from someone else, but not the wording in the blog itself. Seeing other industry blogger’s ideas will make you think, “why didn’t I come up with that?”.

Think About Your Audience

If you were someone searching the Internet for a blog about this certain industry, what would you lookup? Think about things that people like to learn about and know for themselves. Put yourself in their shoes. Writing about simple topics will still get you an audience. Not everyone is super knowledgeable in everything that pertains to an industry.

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