Reputation Management

What are others saying about you?


The most powerful force for your business is how customers and potential customers perceive you.  A well-worded mention of your business in an article, on TV, or on the radio can dramatically affect the amount of business you do in a week.  Unfortunately, negative press can have the very opposite effect to all of your hard work – whether true or not.


Hiring a firm or performing your own reputation management allows you both the ability and the knowledge to assess, confront, and resolve any negative publicity that is being targeted towards your business or industry.  A great first step to combating negative press and suppressing articles that now appear as people begin looking up your brand under various search platforms is changing both the content and the keywords that you were originally targeting for SEO. There are limitless ways to respond and combat negative press that surrounds your business.


It’s important that you take a proactive role instead of a defensive one and manage any PR crisis your company is facing. Rather than working to raise link results with a particular search term in order to (ostensibly) generate more commerce or page views, the goal of ORM is to push already highly-ranked negative posts off the results pages so that they are seen by fewer people, thus creating a more positive results environment for the sponsor of the effort.


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Reputation Monitoring Software


Boston Web Marketing utilizes a full suite of tools to monitor what is being said about your brand online. Whether it is positive or negative, the most effective ORM campaigns are those that are proactive rather than reactive. BWM will set up and provide access to a custom-built dashboard to monitor the sentiment of your brand and take appropriate action when the situation calls for it.


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