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Learn how your business could benefit from reputation management.

In the past, it was enough for companies to expand their businesses based on quality products and client relationships. With more and more consumers turning towards the Internet for recommendations, business owners must pay close attention to their online reviews. While you may have five-star reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, there could be several negative reviews on Houzz or Angie’s List which could cost you potential clients.

Although you could have some of the most remarkable and candid reviews in prestigious business articles or television ads, a few negative reviews could be detrimental to the growth of your business. You could be the leader in your industry, but if your online reputation says otherwise, potential customers may turn to your competitors. It takes more than knowing you’re the best in your field, you must display your success across the web.

Keep in mind that consumers are quick to form an opinion on your brand based off reviews, articles and videos. With social media making a major impact in the business world, it’s crucial to focus on your Facebook business page as well as YouTube video comments and your company’s Twitter account.

At Boston Web Marketing, our core focus is to ensure each client’s reputation is well-managed across the web. Through our reputation management services, we can assess and resolve any negative publicity that is being targeted towards your business or industry.

To generate quality leads and combat negative press, Boston Web Marketing thoroughly looks through every review, comment and article, allowing us to gage a better perspective of your business needs. Through our expertise, we’ll develop a course of action that depicts your business in a positive light. Our team will develop a strategic content plan that is custom to your business, allowing us to implement keywords and hone in on your company’s assets.

Some of our core reputation management strategies include:

  • Implement a strategy to obtain more positive reviews
  • Craft professional responses to both negative & positive reviews across the web
  • Generate positive press releases highlighting your company’s products & services
  • Continually monitor reviews as well as bring to your attention any comments that require your input
  • Content creation including blogs, news articles and social media posts
  • Claim business listings & social media accounts so we can quickly get notified of reviews
  • Link content to positive reviews

The main objective of online reputation management is to push already highly-ranked negative posts off the results pages so that they are seen by fewer people, thus creating a more positive results environment for the sponsor of the effort.

Boston Web Marketing’s quick and effective online reputation management services allows business owners to have peace of mind. Rather than worrying about negative reviews and false online reports, you can focus on your business while our expert staff takes care of your online reputation.

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Reputation Management Software

Boston Web Marketing utilizes a full suite of tools to monitor what is being said about your brand online. Whether it is positive or negative, the most effective ORM campaigns are those that are proactive rather than reactive. BWM will set up and provide access to a custom-built dashboard to monitor the sentiment of your brand and take appropriate action when the situation calls for it.

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