SEO For Nonprofits

Boston Web Marketing has worked with several Boston-based nonprofits to increase their online presence. At Boston Web Marketing, we understand that the needs and goals for nonprofits can sometimes differ from for-profit businesses.


Our dedicated account representatives work closely with nonprofit clients to fully understand their marketing goals, and implement custom search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, and social media management solutions. Account representatives also constantly monitor and share measurable results with clients, and adjust strategies as necessary.


Whether the ultimate goal is an increase in awareness, donations, or additional assistance in their efforts, Boston Web Marketing has a proven track record of improving the online visibility of nonprofit organizations.


We also provide tailor-made web design solutions, providing clients with websites that convey the message and goal of the nonprofit. Websites are designed with relevant calls to action that highlight charitable and other philanthropic efforts in order to more strongly encourage donations and involvement.


Nonprofit organizations looking to supplement their overall marketing strategy may request a free SEO analysis directly from our website, or contact Boston Web Marketing at (857) 526-0096 or for more information.

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