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How Can I Improve SEO For My Locksmith Or Security Company?

Most people aren’t going to have the phone number of a locksmith or security company on speed dial. When a situation occurs where someone is locked out, their first idea will likely be to turn to the internet for help. Having a concrete SEO strategy for your locksmith service or security company will ensure that those in need find your business first! There are many parts to juggle in a successful SEO strategy, and Boston Web Marketing can ensure that your business has a firm grip on all of them. Improving your web presence and web design has never been more important, and accomplishing both of these tasks will go a long way to ensuring your security company or locksmith service’s success! Staying on top of all the important points allows your business to get a head start against its competitors.

How Does SEO Work For Locksmiths and Security Companies?

When it comes to securing new business for your locksmith service or security company, SEO plays a vital role. The Internet and search engines are the preferred choice to find new companies by many consumers. All over the country, people are using keywords like “locksmith near me”, “security systems for businesses”, and “security solutions near me” to find upgrades to what they currently have. A proper SEO strategy works to improve your business’s rankings for keywords like these, ensuring that they show up earlier rather than later for searches like these. Locksmiths and security companies can use their SEO strategy to answer common questions about the industry and point consumers in the right direction. 

What Searches Should Locksmiths & Security Companies Rank For On Google?

There are a few vital searches that locksmiths and security companies should strive to rank for:

  • Location-Based Searches: Your business is likely going to have a service area that they want to prioritize, and location-based searches will help consumers in your area to find your business faster. Constructing service area pages, writing content that answers common industry questions, and updating your business’s local listings on Google and other websites will help to boost your security company’s rankings in these areas.
  • Commercial Security: Does your business handle more than just security for homes and residents? What if it offers security for establishments like offices, retail stores and schools? Constructing industry pages for these specific services will indicate to search engines that your business offers services to this audience, which will, in turn, help those within that audience find your website faster.
  • Security Emergencies: Especially in the case of a locksmith, there are some security emergencies that are time-sensitive. Ranking for searches such as “locksmiths near me”, “locked out of home” or “locked out of car” will help your business to answer urgent inquiries faster. You’ll want to make sure that your landing page for these services makes it seamless to call and set up an appointment – it’s a vital part of the user experience!
  • Security Questions: The average person isn’t going to be an expert in the field of security, so its important to legitimize your business by showing that they have the knowledge to provide the best insight. Answering the most commonly asked security questions on your website will help your audience not only find your business faster, but encourage trust in your own services.

SEO Services Our Team Provides To Security Companies and Locksmiths:

Content Strategy

The content your website puts out is vital to where your business will ultimately rank. Our team will design expertly crafted landing pages, security blogs, and service pages to get your business to rank for the most noteworthy search terms in the industry.

Link Building

There's more to SEO than what's on your website. Having trustworthy websites that link back to yours will only help to increase your standings with Google. We'll create, edit & manage various directories across the Internet to get your business's info out there.


A website's loading time can mean the difference between a user that clicks away from your website and sticks around to view your services. We'll ensure that all parts of your website are optimized for peak performance. Every user that visits your site gets a great experience!


Getting traffic to your website is only half of the battle. A user's experience on your website will help to steer them in the direction of a conversion. Our team has user experience in mind with every website we work with, helping to bridge the gap between visit and conversion.

PPC and Google Ads Management For Locksmiths and Security Companies

Have you noticed that advertisements on Google tend to be displayed before most search results? When you work with Boston Web Marketing, your business can take advantage of this space! We’ll meet with your business and its representatives beforehand to determine your primary objectives with a new advertising campaign. We can then get your business displayed through a campaign on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and even Facebook and Instagram Ads to maximize performance! We’ll be able to target the specific towns and cities within your business’s service area to connect it with the audience that will best benefit from your services.

Google Ads, PPC and SEO all work hand in hand! Our ads team and SEO team work together to find new ways to maximize your security business’s performance across the web. We can help you set a budget, make edits to improve an existing Ads campaign, or make recommendations for starting a new campaign. Our teams can help determine what the highest performing landing pages are for your website and direct users to visit those pages. Your security company or locksmith business will get the most it can out of its budget with campaigns that we can adjust on the fly to maximize results!

Social Media Management For Locksmiths & Security Companies

Social media is a tool that connects much of the world together – and we can use that tool to increase exposure for your business! Having a strong social media presence is highly valuable for security companies and locksmiths. Regular social media posting gives your audience insight into security information they may not have known about before, which leads them directly to your business as a result!

We work with popular social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Our advertising team can also help you manage ad campaigns on these platforms.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design For Locksmiths & Security Companies

We’ve mentioned the user experience pretty heavily on our website, and there’s a good reason for it: its one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy! Having a strong user experience means optimizing your website for all platforms. More and more people are turning to browsing on mobile devices, meaning that it is vital that you optimize your website for these platforms.

Our website design team will ensure that your website looks as dazzling on mobile phones as it does on desktop computers. We’ll account for all parts of proper accessibility rules and ensure that your website not only complies with these regulations, but looks amazing while doing so!

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