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How Can I Improve A Roofing Contractor's SEO?

Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role in how businesses and homeowners find a roofing contractor. An SEO strategy is an ongoing process, yet a very effective way for roofing contractors to improve their appearance on search engines, get more traffic to their website, and in turn, get new customers. Today, the digital world is powerful and becoming stronger each day.  In order to stay ahead and on top of changes in the digital marketing world, roofing contractors should ensure their business, and online presence, is optimized and they are staying ahead of competitors. Improving your SEO as a roofing contractor means you are appearing in the top results of a search engine result page and are able to generate more leads.

How Does SEO Work For Roofing Contractors?

SEO plays a significant role in how roofing contractors and other home improvement companies find new customers. Every day, users are searching for keywords similar to “roofing services near me” across the country. Many people nowadays fully rely on the internet and search engines to find the best local roofing contractors and home improvement companies. By ranking for specific search terms and keywords, you are able to show off your services and your company to new customers. Roofing contractors are able to make the most of SEO services by improving their appearance on search engines and generating more leads. A strong SEO strategy allows you to focus on specific questions businesses and homeowners may have about their roofs and how to contact a professional for help.

What Searches Should Roofing Contractors Rank For On Google?

There are a few categories of search that are important for roofing contractors to rank for.

  • Location-Based Searches: One of the most common searches in the roofing category is “roofing contractor near me”. Ranking for these searches can improve how your company is found across people who are in or new to your area. By creating rich content about your services, managing local listings, updating Google listings, receiving reviews from various customers and more, search engines will be able to correctly show your company and the specific towns and areas you serve.
  • Roofing Questions: Many searches are entered on search engines about businesses and homeowners looking for answers to the many roofing questions they have. Questions like “How to tell if my roof needs to be replaced?”, “When is a good time for a roof replacement?”, “What are the signs of a failing roof?” and many more are being searched daily. Strong content that provides information and answers to these questions can significantly improve your appearance on search engines.
  • Roofing Tips: When businesses or homeowners are taking a look at their home or businesses condition, they are looking for help from a professional roofing contractor to get them started. By including rich content about various roofing tips, signs a roof may need to be repaired or replaced, and much more, you can improve how you appear on search engines. Making sure you rank for these certain roofing tips and services is important, but also ensuring that it is easy for users to contact you and convert is just as important. 
  • Special Services: Many roofing contractors specialize in different types of roof repair, installation, shingle replacement, and other home exterior improvement services. The contractor services that you provide should be clear so you can stand apart from competition. Including various service pages for each specific service you provide for commercial and residential properties, allows you to optimize your online presence. If you’re a roofing contractor who specializes in all things roofing while also offering vinyl siding installation, chimney repair, and more, include content on those services to optimize your ranking. 

SEO Services Our Team Provides:

Content Strategy

As mentioned above the content on your website has a large impact on how you rank. Our content writers will creating strong landing pages, roofing articles, and service area content based on Google's algorithm to get your site ranking for key phrases & searches.

Link Building

SEO isn't just about what is on your website but also what other sites link to it. We create, edit, and manage various directories and listings across the web for our clients to ensure that addresses, phone numbers, & URLs are correct for various directories.


Google has put a lot of value into having a good website performance. A website that loads quickly, especially on mobile devices, is paramount to ranking well on mobile search. Our team can help improve your website's performance and website speed.


At our agency we don't stop at just increasing your organic traffic. We also look for ways to help that traffic convert into appointments. By improving the user experience and calls to action on your website we can increase your conversion rate

Google Ads & Pay Per Click Management For Roofing Contractors

A Google Ads and PPC campaign are great ways to increase visibility of your business and the roofing services you provide. There are various ad campaigns that can be highly effective for roofing contractors looking to improve their online presence and generate more leads. A Google Ads campaign or social media campaign can help advertise the services you offer and those towns you provide those services to. This includes Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads. By optimizing keyword lists, creating focused ad groups based on specific categories, and including strong calls to action, we can help roofing contractors get found more easily and target new customers. 

Our Google Ads and PPC team starts by discussing your goals and setting your budget. Our team works to manage and improve any existing ad campaigns or make recommendations for creating new paid strategies. Our ads team works closely with our SEO team to optimize your online presence even further. When analyzing organic data, our paid ads team can track the strongest keywords and direct users to the highest-performing landing pages on your website. To ensure your ads are getting as many clicks as possible, our team will continue to make changes and recommendations towards your campaign, so you are getting the most out of your ad spend.

Social Media Management Services For Roofing Contractors

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Without a strong social media presence, roofing contractors will be at a disadvantage in showing off recent projects and gaining new customers. Our team works hard to come up with a social media strategy that posts a regular schedule of highly engaging posts. These posts are intended to be interactive and informative by showing off recent photos of jobs, encouraging followers to leave a review if they’ve worked with you, roofing tips and tricks, as well as many more designs and posts. This social media strategy will not only help grow your business and get the word of your services out there, but it will also create a positive customer relationship with your followers. 

Our social media team is eager to further grow your online presence with our effective social media strategies at Boston Web Marketing. Our team works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Our paid ads team can also help manage and maintain campaigns on these platforms.

Mobile Friendly Website Design For Roofing Contractors

An SEO strategy gets users to your website, but what good is a website that is outdated and hard to navigate? With Boston Web Marketing, we help create websites for roofing contractors that are beautifully designed, easy to navigate and convert, as well as clearly displaying who you are as a business and the services you provide. Your website is the face of your business in the digital world. Give off a good first impression and ensure your website is aesthetically pleasing, grabbing user’s eyes from the moment they land on it. 

Our web design team creates stunning web designs that are unique to you and your roofing business. We match your color scheme, desired layout, and business logo to create a high-performing website that showcases your unique services! Our team of web designers understand that nowadays, more users are using a mobile device over a computer; that’s why we ensure your website is mobile-friendly so it can easily load and navigate on mobile, tablet, desktop, or any other device.

Our team also provides design and build services for e-commerce sites and online stores. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing SEO

Roofing companies that have implemented an SEO strategy will have a greater advantage over those that do not. A roofing contractor that uses SEO will generate high amounts of traffic to their website by showing up on the search engine results page of tons of new potential customers. Roofing companies that keep up with their SEO strategy, and the ever-changing digital marketing world trends, will allow for long-term improved visibility and an increased number of leads and conversions.

Our team at Boston Web Marketing helps take some of the stress off your plate. Our web design and SEO team can help analyze your website and test it’s current page speed and load time. We are knowledgeable in what makes a great website and how to help you stand apart from the competition. Our web design team will be able to determine whether your website needs a redesign or not, and work with the SEO team to create fresh content for your landing pages. An improved website design allows users to find what they are looking for fast when they land on your website, make it easy to convert, and is easily accessible across mobile and other devices.

There are countless ways to promote your roofing business and get your roofing contractor services out there. For starters, an SEO optimized website with rich, fresh content will help your company rank higher for various commonly searched keywords and questions. Updating this content regularly will signal to google that your content is relevant and original to users. Email marketing and social media optimization are other services that can help promote your roofing business and remind users/followers of your services and the locations you serve. Other ways to promote your roofing business include paid ads, relevant reviews from customers, and staying up with the latest trends and specials.

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