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The team at Boston Web Marketing can help your company with organic search traffic, paid search, social media management, web design & more.

How Can I Improve Fencing SEO?

The high volume of Fencing companies in any given area can make it difficult to effectively market your business online! Boston Web Marketing is experienced in providing a full-scale search engine optimization strategy for your fencing company. We will take steps to optimize your website and increase your rankings on search engines until you see your very own fencing company on top of the first page search results! Let Boston Web Marketing provide our comprehensive web services, while you continue to provide your customers with quality services, and together, your fencing company will thrive!

How Does SEO Work For Fencing Companies?

Almost every residential homeowner or commercial property owner has been in need of fence installation or repair services at one point or another. The need for professional fencing solutions is constant, and the competition among fencing companies is fierce. It can be hard to stand out among the crowd amid so many fencing businesses but one of the best things you can do for your fencing company to rise above the rest is to have an excellent website and implement a strong SEO strategy. Boston Web Marketing’s proven approach to search engine optimization and web services can ensure your fencing company will stand out and get found!

What Searches Should Fencing Companies Rank For On Google?

There are a few categories of search that are important for fencing companies: 

  • Location-Based Searches: One of the most common searches in the for many industries are “near me” searches. Ranking for these types of searches can greatly help your company be found by people who have recently moved to your area. Creating strong content, managing local listings, and updating your Google listings can help search engines properly display your practice in the correct towns and areas.
  • Fencing Questions: Millions of searches happen every day on Google when homeowners or landlords have questions about adding a fence to their property. From property size requirements to town permits, strong content that educates and answers questions can greatly improve how organic search engines display your website.
  • Special Services: Not every fencing company provides the same services. You may have certain services that make your company stand out from others. These special services should be included throughout your website metadata to rank higher than competitors on the Google. 

SEO Services Our Team Provides:


As mentioned above the content on your website has a large impact on how you rank. Our content writers will creating strong landing pages, dental articles, and service area content based on Google's algorithm to get your site ranking for key phrases & searches.

Link Building

SEO isn't just about what is on your website but also what other sites link to it. We create, edit, and manage various directories and listings across the web for our clients to ensure that addresses, phone numbers, & URLs are correct for various directories.


Google has put a lot of value into having a good website performance. A website that loads quickly, especially on mobile devices, is paramount to ranking well on mobile search. Our team can help improve your website's performance and website speed.


At our agency we don't stop at just increasing your organic traffic. We also look for ways to help that traffic convert into appointments. By improving the user experience and calls to action on your website we can increase your conversion rate

Google Ads & Pay Per Click Management For Fencing Companies

A focused Google Ads campaign or social media campaign can be invaluable in helping you find new clients for your company. Through the use of PPC, we can target specific keywords, towns, and potential clients. Our PPC team uses data to constantly improve your ads so you get the most out of your ads spend. By optimizing keyword lists, creating additional ad groups based on specialty services, featuring strong call to actions & extensions, and using dynamic ads, we can help your fencing company get found easier. 

Our team can help you set your first budget, manage/improve an existing ads campaign, or help make recommendations on how to strengthen your paid strategy. Our paid traffic team and SEO team often work hand in hand to optimize this approach even further. By leveraging organic data, our paid team can track the strongest keywords and point users to the highest performing landing pages. SEO & SEM strategies have a synergetic effect when working concurrently. By working with our team your practice can benefit from ads that not only increase traffic but increase calls, appointment requests, and overall conversions. 

Social Media Management Services For Fencing Companies

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A strong social media presence can be highly valuable for your fencing company. Our team can help manage and create social media accounts for your business and also grow your following. With regular social posts, we can share important business information, positive reviews & testimonials, and any other valuable messaging for your clients. 

Our team works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Our paid ads team can also help manage and maintain campaigns on these platforms.

Mobile Friendly Website Design For Dental Practices

Boston Web Marketing also has a creative team of expert web developers who have created custom websites for businesses across every industry. We can offer web site design and development for fencing companies, providing them with brand new, user friendly websites that will help increase their search engine rankings! Our custom websites are always mobile friendly and compatible with any device or browser, so you know your site visitors are getting the best experience possible!

Some of our web design specialties include:

  • WordPress Development
  • Landing Page Customization
  • E-commerce Enhancements & Website Builds
  • Responsive Website Builds
  • Custom CSS Coding

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