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How Does SEO Work For Plumbers?

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in how businesses and homeowners find plumbers during a time of need. When something happens with the plumbing in their home or business, users will head to search engines like Google. They will search for “plumbers near me” or other plumbing keywords and questions to find a plumber nearby. Aside from word of mouth, people rely heavily on search engines to find a business or answer a question they may have quickly. SEO for plumbers is crucial in ensuring your plumbing business shows up on search engines. Making the most out of your SEO strategy will have you showing up on Google and generating more leads from quality users.

How Can I Improve SEO For Plumbers?

Improving your SEO as a plumber is a great way to get your business on search engines and social media. SEO starts by generating more traffic to your website and creating more leads. Improving your SEO strategy is critical to keep up with the ever-changing digital world to get more traffic and in front of potential new customers’ eyes. Ensuring your website and online presence are optimized, and your business will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, and more competition is coming about, so improving your SEO strategy and continually adapting will make your website and business stand apart from the rest.

What Searches Should Plumbers Rank For On Google?

When it comes to showing up on Google, there are various types of searches that plumbers should rank for. 

  • Location-Based Searches: Out of all the searches people search on Google, location-based searches are most commonly used. Searches that include “near me” at the end are most widely searched for when users look for a product or service near their location. As a plumber many users will be searching “plumber near me” or “plumbing services near me” when looking for a plumber in their town or surrounding area. It is important to rank for these types of searches as a plumber by creating rich content about your services, managing local listings, receiving reviews from customers, and more, Google will be able to display all the locations and towns you serve.
  • Plumbing Questions & Tips: As a plumber, you know the many questions homeowners may have about plumbing and certain things that could occur with their system. It is crucial that you rank for certain plumbing questions or helpful plumbing tips that users may be searching for or asking. Specific plumbing questions such as “Which plumbing system is the best?” or “What to do if my plumbing is backed up?” are commonly being searched for every day. Rich content that provides the answers to these questions, as well as content with helpful plumbing tips, will improve your ranking on search engines and have more users heading to your website for help. 
  • Special Services: As a plumber, you may offer special services or deals that make your business stand out from the competition. Whatever type of plumbing you offer should be clearly stated on your website, with plenty of rich content to improve your ranking for users looking for that service. It is also helpful to include any plumbing specials or deals you offer, whether on your website or throughout social media, to improve the traffic to your website. 

SEO Services Our Team Provides:

Content Strategy

As mentioned above the content on your website has a large impact on how you rank. Our content writers will creating strong landing pages, dental articles, and service area content based on Google's algorithm to get your site ranking for key phrases & searches.

Link Building

SEO isn't just about what is on your website but also what other sites link to it. We create, edit, and manage various directories and listings across the web for our clients to ensure that addresses, phone numbers, & URLs are correct for various directories.


Google has put a lot of value into having a good website performance. A website that loads quickly, especially on mobile devices, is paramount to ranking well on mobile search. Our team can help improve your website's performance and website speed.


At our agency we don't stop at just increasing your organic traffic. We also look for ways to help that traffic convert into appointments. By improving the user experience and calls to action on your website we can increase your conversion rate

Google Ads and PPC Management For Plumbers

As a plumber, your service area may have lots of competition. Creating a Google Ads or other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign will allow your business to generate more leads. Google Ads and PPC ads will generate significant traffic to your website because they improve your online presence, an extra step. Increasing the visibility of your business will not only increase your online presence and build awareness of your business and the services you offer. Displaying the services and the towns you serve will help to get your plumbing business out there and boost more business.

Our Google Ads and PPC team works with our SEO team to generate ads based on optimized keywords in your industry. We also work with you to discuss your goals, budget, and specific demographics you are looking to target. Our team works hard to manage existing campaigns and create new ones so you are constantly getting the most out of your ad spend. 

Social Media Services For Plumbers

In today’s world, social media optimization is huge for keeping up with the times. Nowadays, everyone is on social media, and some people turn to social media over search engines to find what they are looking for. To take your online presence to the next level, having social media on various platforms will improve your visibility and create customer awareness and loyalty. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will allow you to engage with customers and keep up with the latest trends and hot topics. Joining in on social media activity and creating engaging content such as photos and videos will keep your users engaged in your brand and services.

Our team creates unique social media content based on your industry and brand. We work to engage with customers by replying to their comments and messages and keeping them interested in our posts. We also create social media ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to take your social media posts one step further. These ads help get your content and awareness of your services out to new eyes in various locations you want to target. 

Mobile Friendly Website Design For Dental Practices

When users are searching on search engines, most are using mobile devices over desktops. Ensuring your website is readable and responsive on mobile is enormous in today’s world. Our team helps ensure your website is optimized across all platforms and is easy to read and navigate. Not only does a mobile-friendly website make your business look good, but it also signals to search engines like Google that your website is reliable, which will help improve your ranking on search engines.

Our web design team creates unique websites for your business and your brand. We work with your fonts, logos, and your colors to create a customized website just for you. We ensure your website includes plenty of content and header tags about your services with key search terms for your industry. We also create optimized websites for e-commerce and online stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO For Plumbers

Today, users turn to search engines for a service or a product. As a plumber, it is essential that you get found on search engines when people are searching for “plumbers near me”. SEO as a plumber allows your business to keep up with the competition as it plays a significant role in how your business will get found. Plumbers with an optimized SEO strategy will stay caught up and take advantage of considerable traffic and leads.

Facebook is the best social media platform to advertise as a plumber. Running boosted posts on Facebook or Facebook Ads will allow your plumbing business to go one step further. When users scroll through their Facebook feed, they will find a post about your business and service based on the specific types of people and towns you want to target. This allows your services and brand to grab new faces’ attention and increase awareness of your services. Facebook enables users to like your page and posts and learn more about your business. It is also a way for users to see your services and head to your website to get more information before contacting you.

As a plumber, SEO is a helpful tool to help you grow your business significantly. SEO involves targeting things on and off your website, allowing you to boost your business. On-page SEO (everything on your website) includes an optimized website, page speed, rich content, clear calls to action, and more. Ensuring this is optimized will allow you to see rich results and improve your ranking on search engines. The same goes for off-page SEO (everything off your website). This includes social media, a Google Business Profile, monitoring local listings, replying to reviews, etc. Ensuring this is monitored and taken care of frequently will allow your business, online presence, and sales to skyrocket!

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