Facebook Ad Management

Improve your Facebook Marketing

Effective Facebook Advertising will put your business on the most popular social media site in the world. With BWM’s Facebook advertising team at the helm, your ad campaign will be precisely targeted to users in your target demographic with relevant interests and behaviors. Our creative team will design ads that contain eye-catching graphics, compelling content, and convincing calls to actions. BWM will help you drive awareness, traffic, and leads using Facebook Advertising.

Boston Web Marketing’s Facebook Advertising team specializes in getting the most out of the 3rd most visited website in the world. With 2.2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, utilizing this social media platform is a must. Based on each client’s industry and desired goals (see below), we are able to put together a detailed plan from writing eye catching copy to targeting the exact audience you are looking for.


Website Click Campaigns

Getting traffic to your website can be a pain. With the Facebook Click campaign, we drive clicks to your website. With eye catching ads that include compelling content and calls to actions, you’ll have more people on your website in no time.


Facebook Boosted Posts

Boost popular posts to expand the reach and visibility of your most successful posts. Facebook users in your targeted demographic can see your post that they would otherwise never come across.


Page Like Campaigns

Is your Facebook page lacking a true following? Implement a Facebook page likes campaign to drive up your business page’s likes and reach. Your page will look much more professional and your posts will get in front of many more eyes.


Brand Awareness

This is the perfect Facebook ad campaign for those that want to grow brand awareness. A successful brand awareness campaign will garner your business thousands of targeted impressions.

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