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How Can You Grow Your Business' Social Media Following

Whether you are looking at creating more b2b connections on LinkedIn, engaging with repeat customers on Facebook, or sharing new products and specials on Instagram, the most important element of any social media post’s success is who sees it. There are many ways to increase impressions, views, engagements, and messages through both paid and organic strategies. Understanding the unique algorithms, standards and best practices, popular trends, & most importantly your brand and voice is vital to successful social media. 

Here at Boston Web Marketing we work with many different industries to create vastly different approaches to social media. But one thing that stays consistent is our data-driven approach. By combining organic and paid strategies we help our clients grow their followings, increase engagement, and create a digital community. 

How Do We Manage Your Business' Social Media

Strategic Timing

Knowing when to post is just as, if not sometimes more important than knowing what to post. We use tools to track when your existing followers & potential new followers are most likely to see and interact with your brand.


Social Media accounts are only as good as the users that interact with them! By creating content that encourages comments, link clicks, and other interactions, Boston Web Marketing can build brand recognition through your social media pages!


A large pillar of how Google & Bing rank websites is based on how they perform. By optimizing image sizes, improving website loading speeds, & working on improving website caching, we can help boost your website's overall performance


SEO can get a user to your website, but it is still important to improve their experience. We design visually appealing landing pages that make it easy for organic users to learn about your services and get in contact with you and your team

Google Ads & Pay Per Click Management Services in New Bedford

While organic traffic through SEO is reliable and practical, this is by no means the only way to build website traffic! Paid ads through platforms such as search engines, social media and display ad networks are excellent ways to quickly generate leads and traffic alongside your regular organic traffic. Boston Web Marketing has a dedicated in-house ad team that can help develop and maintain your digital ads as well as a monthly budget that is right for you. 

No two businesses are they same, and their PPC campaigns should not be either! Our ad team can determine the best platforms, demographics and more that will maximize ad performance and meet the unique needs of your New Bedford business. 

Social Media Management Agency in New Bedford

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Social media continues to prove itself as one of the greatest ways to generate buzz around your business, build consumer trust, and connect more personally with consumers. Whether your business has run social media accounts in the past or you are brand new to the concept, Boston Web Marketing can help you! By creating accounts on platforms that align with your needs, and creating interesting content with calls to action that generate brand recognition, our social media team can help your take advantage of the social media boom, bringing more leads and conversions to your website. The Boston Web Marketing team works with social media platforms including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Services for New Bedford Businesses

The work does not end once a user simple clicks to your site and lands on a page. Once a user visits your website, the goal of Boston Web Marketing is to make sure the website is optimized in terms of content, page speeds, layout and more to promote ease of access, represent the value of your business, and, in turn, generate leads! Your business’ website it it’s digital first impression, so you want it to represent you well!

Boston Web Marketing’s team of web designers can build your site from the ground up as well as rebuild and renew an existing website. By focusing on performance across all devices, ease of navigation and lightning fast speeds, we can create the perfect site for your New Bedford business. Whether you are a small business just getting started developing an online presence or an established digital storefront, Boston Web Marketing can build the site that fits your exact needs.

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