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Boston Web Marketing works with Landscapers, Equipment Rental Businesses, and Turf Installation companies to provide SEO, SEM, Social Media, & other proven Digital Marketing solutions.

How Can I Rank & Get More Digital Leads As a Landscaping Company?

If you own or operate a landscaping company, you want to consider your digital presence. While word of mouth and signs in front yards can do some good marketing for you, there is an increasing number of leads generated through Google Search, paid ads, social media, and other digital strategies. Consider the following: 

  • SEO & On-Site Strategy: Your website helps your business in two unique ways. With the right keywords, content, and metadata you can organically outrank your competitors and national or regional companies. By working with Google’s ever changing algorithm you can make sure that when someone looks up “landscaping company near me” you show up. Additionally, the design and layout of your website can be improved to make it easier for users to contact you and send the right impression. A sleek, modern site that shows off your work and testimonials is sure to help you get new clients.  
  • Paid Ads: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and other online websites all have opportunities to bid on ad space either directly in search results or across other websites. By optimizing your keywords, bids, and your ad design, you can get the best ROI on your ads. 
  • Social Media: A picture is worth a thousand words. Millions of landscapers post signs in their clients’ yards so passersby will know who handled their landscaping project. Posting pictures, videos, and reels on Social Media and using hashtags, boosted posts, and local online groups are great ways to show small local audiences your work. 
  • Local Listings: There are many websites on the internet that provide information about local businesses to consumers. This includes both generic sites like Yelp and more specific sites. Updating and maintaining these listings as well as getting more reviews on them can help you get more leads.
Our team provides all of these services and more for landscaping companies, turf installation companies, and other contractors. 

How Does SEO Work For Turf Companies & Landscapers?

SEO is simply a catchall term for the on-site and off-site digital strategies that make sure your website is ranking for the right searches at the right time. This can be done in a variety of ways. Google and other search engines often provide boosts to websites that are functionally better than their competitors. For example, a website that loads fast, loads correctly on mobile devices, and has security is going to rank higher than older site. 

Another thing to consider is the keywords in your content. Google can only know what to rank you for based on what it reads on your website. While your local town might know your name as the be-all-end-all in turf or landscaping, Google might not get that if it isn’t featured prominently on your website. A mix of keywords, long-tail keywords, rich content, and metadata can help you rank. 

What Searches Should You Rank For On Google?

There are a few categories of search that are important for dentists to rank for. 

  • Your Services: First and foremost, you need to rank for what you do. Consider what your main services are and what makes you different from the guy down the street. Do you provide any unique offerings? Do you have quicker turnaround times, or use unique tools/techniques? Anything that might be a selling point for your customers and is something they would look up online should be something you rank for. 
  • Your Equipment: Do your provide equipment rentals for the do-it-yourselfers? Having dedicated pages for your equipment can make sure you rank when someone looks up a phrase like “lawnmower rental near me” or “bobcat rental in X town”. Featuring words like rental as well as providing valuable how-to content can help you outrank even the manufacturers. 
  • Your Brands: A long-tail keyword strategy for a landscaper is to target popular brand names. If you know consumers are actively searching for a specific brand of turf or artificial grass, it can be extremely beneficial to rank for that keyword. Long-tail keywords like brands are sometimes overlooked, making them an easier and quicker turnaround for rising up in the rankings.

SEO Services Our Team Provides:

Content Strategy

We provide content marketing strategies for landscaping companies. A great way to rank on Google is to provide long-form content in the way of services pages, how-to guides, FAQs, and helpful articles for your clients.

Link Building

Google and Bing often consider how many other sites point to yours as a sign of your reputability. You can increase your inbound links by using social media, creating 3rd party listings, and being featured on local websites.


Google cares a lot about page experience. A slow website with no security that loads with text too small to read on a phone is just not going to cut it. And even outside of Google, a bad page experience can send a user to your competitor.


Beyond SEO, you want to consider how your website markets your brand. User experience and user interface can greatly impact your ROI. A website that only has one click between your customer and you can lead to much more business.

Google Ads & Pay Per Click Management For Landscapers

One of the quickest ways to get quotes and new business is through PPC marketing. Pay per click marketing through Google, Facebook, and Instagram is a great way to immediately target your customers and get new requests for quotes. Additionally, PPC can be combined with SEO and web design to leverage all three for a better return on investment. If your ads go to a website that is hard to use or puts too many steps between landing and contacting you, you might be wasting dollars on that campaign. A website that ranks high organically, has an optimized ad campaign, and has strong Calls To Action is the best option for getting the most on your paid content. 

Social Media Management Services For Landscaping

A male uses his right hand to scroll through a page on a smartphone. You can see city lights and streets blurred in the background.

There are many ways Social Media can help you grow your business. Local pages on Facebook for various towns often allow businesses to advertise their services. Posting pictures of your work is a great way to get noticed. Additionally, you can spread the word about any sales or promotions to your existing audience. Finally, you can use social media and paid ads to reach a larger audience in your area. Utilizing hashtags and other marketing techniques are a great way to show off your work to new audiences. 

Website Design For Landscapers

Paid ads, social media, and SEO all bring people to your website, but what happens when they get there? Are you making a good first impression? Is it easy for people to call you? Are you highlighting your work and your testimonials correctly? A fresh website can make it easier for users to convert into business and can communicate your professionalism. 

Our team of designers has years of experiencing working on on sites for contractors and landscapers. One feature we often recommend to landscapers is project pages that highlight pictures of your work, specifications of the project, and the location the project was completed in. For equipment rental teams, we recommend product pages that make it easy to get quotes and set up pick-up times.

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