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Salem is located along the North Shore of Massachusetts, roughly 15 miles north of Boston. Most notably known for the Salem Witch Trials, the city becomes a New England hot spot around Halloween. The city as a whole has really taken on the identity of Witches, as police cruisers and the local school have taken on the witch logo. Salem is also known as the Birthplace of the U.S. National Guard. After decades of debate, in January 2013, President Barack Obama signed an executive order stating Salem as the birthplace of the U.S. National Guard, putting the discussion to rest once and for all.

The city is full of local businesses including museums, haunted houses, art galleries and eateries. With the city steeped in great history, you literally can’t turn a corner without finding a historic home or tourist attraction. Being in a community immersed in history, it can sometimes be hard to stand out from the other attractions. Having an online presence in today’s world of laptops and cell phones in a must! You may think your business won’t work well with Social Media pages like Facebook and Twitter, but you’d be surprised the power they hold when people on the streets of Salem are looking for their next destination or meal. Boston Web Marketing can manage your entire online presence from managing your website, posting on social media, and getting you found at the top of Google.

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