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How Does SEO Work For Concrete Companies?

SEO plays an important role in how concrete companies are found on search engines. SEO improves the business of concrete companies and gets your website in front of new businesses and homeowners. Nowadays, many users are turning to search engines when looking for new companies to hire for their services. In order to find the right company for them, users will search “concrete companies near me” across the country. In order to get found easily, and increase your profits, ranking for various keywords and questions related to your industry can help. Implementing a strong SEO strategy based on your desired goals, whether that is generating more leads, or increasing awareness of your business, will allow you to optimize your online presence. Concrete companies can benefit from strong SEO strategies by focusing on what business and homeowners are searching for and the questions they are asking.

What Types Of Searches Should Concrete Companies Rank For?

Below are some important search categories that concrete companies should rank for.

    • Location-Based Searches: One of the most commonly searched keyphrases is “concrete company near me”. Ranking for these types of searches can improve how your business is found across people who are located in or are new to your area. By creating rich content on your services, managing local listings, updating Google Business Profiles, receiving reviews from various customers and more, search engines will be able to display your company and the specific towns and areas you serve. 
    • Concrete Questions: When users are looking for specific answers to a question they have, they will first turn to search engines for their answer. As a concrete company, it is important to rank for those specific questions they have, to increase your chances of getting more traffic to your website and lead to higher conversions. Some common questions such as “What is the best month to pour concrete?” and “How long do I have to stay off concrete after sealing?” are great questions you should include on your website with reliable answers and information. This will signal to Google you have the answers to those questions and you are a trustworthy business, and they will improve your ranking in return.
    • Product-Based Questions: When users are looking for a service, they often search for specific information based on the product that is included in the service. For specific types of concrete, some users may search for “normal strength concrete” or “high-density concrete” so it is important to rank for the specific services and products your concrete company offers in order to generate the most traffic and conversions to your website. This can be done by creating blogs and articles based on these targeted keywords to optimize your ranking on search engines. 


SEO Services Our Team Provides:

Content Strategy

As mentioned above the content on your website has a large impact on how you rank. Our content writers will creating strong landing pages, roofing articles, and service area content based on Google's algorithm to get your site ranking for key phrases & searches.

Link Building

SEO isn't just about what is on your website but also what other sites link to it. We create, edit, and manage various directories and listings across the web for our clients to ensure that addresses, phone numbers, & URLs are correct for various directories.


Google has put a lot of value into having a good website performance. A website that loads quickly, especially on mobile devices, is paramount to ranking well on mobile search. Our team can help improve your website's performance and website speed.


At our agency we don't stop at just increasing your organic traffic. We also look for ways to help that traffic convert into appointments. By improving the user experience and calls to action on your website we can increase your conversion rate

Google Ads & PPC Management For Concrete Companies

Implementing a Google Ads or other pay-per-click advertising platform is a great way to get immediate traffic to your website and improved visibility on search engines. Concrete companies that are looking to generate more leads or spread awareness of their business can use Google Ads to optimize their digital marketing strategy. When users are searching on search engines, the top few sections on the search result page are PPC ads where users are immediately shown before traditional search results. Implementing an ads campaign will get your concrete business in front of new business immediately.

Our team of Google Ads analysts and PPC management will work with your business goals and help you create a budget and ad spend for your campaign. We guide you through targeting your ideal business or homeowner based on specific demographics, location, and interests and will work with you to manage and change these categories as needed. Our ads team works with our SEO team to monitor targeted keywords and optimize landing pages so you can get the most out of your ad spend and increase your return on investment.

Social Media Management For Concrete Companies

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A strong social media presence is another great marketing tool to improve the awareness of your concrete company. Showing photos of previous jobs, your services and the work you do in the process, and concrete tips and tricks will allow you to take your business and customer engagement a step further. Engaging with your followers across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms allows you to spread awareness and increase your positive reputation. Our social media team will create highly engaging posts on a monthly basis and will constantly find ways to increase users’ engagement. We also can create social media ads across Facebook and Instagram to get more information about your company and the concrete services you offer to users across various local areas.

Mobile Friendly Website Design For Concrete Companies

SEO services are crucial for concrete companies, but what good is a website that is not optimized and mobile friendly? At Boston Web Marketing, our web design team builds custom  websites using your brands colors, logos, fonts to create a completely unique and optimized site. We work with our SEO team to create content-rich landing pages that showcase your business, who you are and what you offer.

We ensure your website is responsive and readable across various devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet. This not only improves your ranking on search engines, but ensures users from all over can access your website and learn about what you offer. Our web design team also creates e-commerce sites and online stores for whatever your concrete company offers.

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FAQ About SEO For Concrete Companies

Content that is informative, reliable, and interesting makes great content for a concrete company. For your main landing pages, including information about the services you offer, the prices, a description of what the service includes, and how to get in touch with you is great for users who are reading, and will lead to more conversions. For blog content, finding keyphrases or questions users are constantly searching for and including them as blog topics will improve the ranking of your site on search engines.

There are many other digital marketing tools that can enhance your online presence as a concrete company. Utilizing free social media tools such as Instagram and Facebook, you can create free social media posts that are highly engaging and build great customer relationships with your followers. Using email marketing or texting platforms are also great ways to remind users of your services and send out promotional emails or special offers.

In today’s world, all businesses including concrete companies need an SEO strategy to stay ahead of competition. Most users turn to search engines when looking for new businesses to try. Optimizing your website and SEO strategy using high search volume keywords and questions will keep your business ahead of the competition on search engines.

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