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Seeking a less crowded area with green pastures and ocean views, the residents of Lynn initially established the city as an agricultural community.  Although mostly a community of farmers, Lynn soon developed into an industrial city, with growth in the shoe-making industry, and continued to thrive as a city full of hard-working people.  Lynn also came to be referred to as the “City of Firsts,” from being the city with the first electric trolley in Massachusetts to being the first city hosting the first baseball game under artificial light.

Now as the largest city in Essex County, Lynn is an urban manufacturing and commercial center, with a culturally diverse population.  Lynn is also known for its contemporary public art, historic architecture, loft-style apartments, and public parks including the Lynn Shore Reservation, Lynn Woods Reservation, and the High Rock Tower Reservation, and home to many small and large businesses of many industries.

SEO in Lynn, MA

Boston Web Marketing proudly serves clients located in Lynn, MA, being the first full-service SEO company to offer services in the city.  We provide digital marketing services including web design and development, social media marketing and management, email marketing, and paid search services for businesses, both large and small.  With a thriving small business community, we are able to help grow these companies through our search engine optimization services.

Lead Generation for Your Business in Lynn, MA

Established in 2009, our goal has been to work with businesses of all sizes to increase online exposure and generate leads from having an engaging online presence through our search engine optimization process.

At Boston Web Marketing, we strive to boost your search results and ensure that your company is marketed online successfully throughout Lynn and surrounding towns.  Through our effective SEO strategies, we focus on optimizing your business on and off-site that will land you on the first page of search results and will lead to increased online exposure and lasting search traffic.  Staying on top of industry trends, we stay up-to-date with SEO news to ensure that our current strategies align with new findings in search engine optimization and how your business will appear in search results.


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