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Boston Web Marketing has a full team of social media specialists on staff ready to help build your online presence. From increasing your brand awareness to helping drive more qualified visitors to your website, we can create and maintain a social media strategy that makes sense for your business and its goals.

We start by identifying which social media platforms are best for your target audience. Once your chosen social media platforms have been identified, BWM will fully customize your social media pages to maintain brand consistency and appeal. We will work with you to develop content that will help grow your business and actively engage your current and potential clients.

Strategic timing of posts

Posting every day is great for specific businesses. Is it right for yours? Our team will help strike the right balance with regards to the frequency of your social media content.

Day-to-day maintenance

Your BWM social media rep will handle everything from day-to-day posting and management to running long-term ad campaigns designed to deliver consistent leads.


Any social media campaign, whether paid or organic, is not complete without a full analysis of the results. BWM will provide a custom-built dashboard that will highlight the growth of your brand on social media channels including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, & Pinterest.


Content Writing & Social Page Optimization

Understanding how to use each social media site properly is critical to an effective campaign. The content that you choose to promote on Twitter will often differ greatly from the content you promote on Facebook and LinkedIn. BWM will tailor your social media content to effectively resonate with the target audience on each platform.

Additionally, it is not enough to now what to post on your social media channels, but when to post. Our team of social media specialists will identify the best days and times for your target audience. Depending on the nature of your content and target audience, our social media specialists will deliver timely content to your followers, while constantly analyzing and adjusting your social media posting schedule as needed.


Full Campaign Setup & Management

Social media advertising is a cost-effective and highly-measurable tool for bolstering your online presence and lead generation efforts. Whether running a simple campaign to build your following or targeting specific segments of your target audience with custom messaging, BWM’s team of social media ad experts will help you reach the right people at the right time. At Boston Web Marketing, our team of skilled social media experts will you help game plan and execute an effective social media campaign, and frequently provide not only results, but your return on investment.

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