How to Tell if Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Mobile browsing usage is going up every day and more people are searching on their mobile device than ever before. This means that consumer demands for a mobile-friendly website are higher than ever. There is a variety of ways to test if your website is mobile responsive & mobile friendly, let’s explore the options:

Test on Real Mobile Devices

It’s always best to take a look at a real mobile device to check and see how your website looks and how easy or hard it is to navigate. This will get a first-hand experience on how your website performs on a mobile device. This will give you insight if your website is easy to use on a cell phone.

Use the 3-Second Method

Bring your website up in your internet browser and with your mouse, grab the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Drag the browser all the way to the left until you can’t shrink it anymore and it should resemble a mobile device.

From there you can evaluate how it looks. Does your website look correct? Is it cut off on one side or the other? Does the menu/navigation bar function? If your website doesn’t look or function correctly, this is a good indication that your website isn’t mobile friendly.

Test With Google

Google offers a mobile-friendly test where you can test your website with Google to see if Google says it’s mobile friendly. You simply paste your website’s URL into the space that’s given, then you click “Analyze.” Very quickly, Google will let you know if your website is mobile friendly or not. If it’s not then you will also get a few reasons on why and what you can do to fix the website.

What if Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly?

A common question is, can a website be fixed so it is mobile friendly? The answer is yes, but sometimes it can be harder than others. Either way, mobile friendly is a big ranking factor in how your website is currently ranking on Google and other search enginges because of how many people are searching on a mobile device.

Need Website Help?

If you need help with your current website & making it mobile friendly, Boston Web Marketing offers website design. We can help optimize your website for search and help your website rank higher. For more information or to get started, contact us on our website.

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