How to Preform an Incognito Search?

How to Preform an Incognito Search?

What is an Incognito search Window?

An “incognito window” is a great way to preform searches without your history being recognized. Over time your browser records those websites that you have already visited and Google searches will adjust to show those websites that you visit most often. This leads to those websites appearing higher and higher when you perform searches. This can produce unnatural SERPs.

Why are Incognito Windows Better for Search Results?

If you are trying to determine where your website stands for a given keyword an incognito window will provide you with the most accurate result. By eliminating the history of your previous searches, search engines such as Google start with a clean slate.

How do I open an Incognito Window?

Chrome: Click on the top right hand side of the screen where the tools are. “New Incognito Window” will be the third option down just under the option for New Window.

Firefox: Click on the orange Firefox button on the top left. From there select new tab and select New Private Window. This will open up a new window where no data has been stored. 

Internet Explorer: Click on the Sprocket on the top right of the screen and select the “safety” tab. Under this option there will be a line the reads “InPrivate Browsing” which will open a window that does not have stored data.

Using these window will allow you to run the most accurate search results for your business.


By Matthew Wilkos


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