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How To Improve Your Site’s SERP’s Click-Through-Rate

The main goal of search engine optimization is to get more users to your website, as well as to improve the conversion rate once they get there. But it’s difficult to convert a user when they don’t even click on your website to begin with. As Google’s algorithms continue to improve at understanding content and picking out the important pieces, the need to click from the SERP’s to a website continues to diminish, as more and more users are finding the answers they need straight from the search engine results pages. So what can you as an optimizer do to help increase the number of users visiting your site? Let’s explore a few tips & tricks below!

Optimize for Featured Snippets

In a set of data from June 2019, we saw that over 50% of all searches ended without clicking onto a single page. Now, this may seem peculiar. Why would anyone make a search and not even click through onto a single site? Well, there are a couple of different reasons. The first is, of course, that the users then made an additional search with a more focused long-tail keyword, and found the desired result, which the first search did not achieve.

However, the other reason users don’t click through to a site is that they are able to find their answer via a featured snippet. If your website ranks on the first page for a particular query that has a featured snippet, you have an opportunity to nab that coveted spot. You will need to focus on writing concise, organized content, with h-tags that separate sections and make it easier for Google to understand what your content’s purpose is. While only roughly 12% of all searches have a featured snippet, that still leaves ample opportunity to rank, and nab a significant portion of traffic over your competitors, as featured snippets predictably have much higher click-through-rates proportionally than an organic listing.

Focus On Titles & Metadata

When it comes to optimizing your metadata, it’s not just about making sure search engines understand your content. Since users are able to see the metadata for your pages on the SERP’s, having a clear description can help guide users to your site over your competitors. Be sure to use proper grammar, clearly explain the purpose of your page, and if character count permits, add a call-to-action to help draw their attention.

Optimize Your GMB Page

While some optimizers may get a bit of tunnel vision and focus primarily on the site itself, its important to note that optimizing your GMB page can often lead to even more traffic than an organic result, as users are able to see far more information about your business! Since GMB pages can appear for a particular query if they are well-optimized and relevant to the search, making sure your GMB page is up to date and fully built-out can also help drive tremendous amounts of traffic to your website! While it may not help with your SERP CTR specifically, it will still help drive traffic and increase conversions!

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