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If a web user finds a business on Google using akeyword search, visits the business website and likes the merchandise orservices – how long does it take for that interest to convert to a sale? The concept of the time a consumer takes to decide on a purchase is called “Zero Moment of Truth”, and according to a study by Google & Shopper Sciences, “88% of U.S. consumers now engage in the “zero moment of truth” prior to making their final decision”.  Businesses like restaurants are likely to see the fastest marketing investment to customer cycle, with the average decision-making time period ranging from a few hours to a few days. The graph below tracks the average purchase cycles for different industries.

Sources like search engines have a strong influence on a shopper’s decision making process. In fact, along with word of mouth, they are the two most used referral method that convince a consumer to try a new product. If you’re awell-optimized business, you’re poised to take advantage of this stream of potential new clientele. If you’re a local business, you’re best positioned to benefit from online product and service searches, since shoppers use the internet for mostly location-based information.

Comparison shopping online is also the primary factor determining a consumer’s ultimate decision, so if you’re not on the first page of Google, but you’re near the top, and you’re offering a product or service superior in price or quality to your competitors, they don’t stand a chance. Focus on producing quality, affordable results and you won’t have to stress about whether it’s your business or a competitor’s in those top slots on the first page – you’ll pull ahead anyway when savvy comparison shoppers choose you.

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