YouTube Will Test Two Ads Before Videos

YouTube is looking to switch up how their ads are delivered to users when viewing videos on the platform. Soon, the video-sharing giant will be testing two ads shown back-to-back before videos start. This is a switch from the current format of ads on long videos which usually includes one ad at the beginning and other ads placed at different points during the video. The two back-to-back ads will be skippable so users have no obligation to sit through them.

This new two ad sequence will be called “ad pods” and when these are shown it will reduce the chance of another ad to appear somewhere later in the video.  This is due to YouTube’s user experience research which has shown that viewers were not fans of the frequency of ad breaks when watching long videos. Few interruptions from ads will lead to better user metrics and decrease video abandonment. YouTube also hopes this new double ad system will result in higher rates of ad viewing.

YouTube announced that it will first try this new ad setup on desktop followed by mobile devices and then TV screens. This new change is set to help both viewers and advertisers as viewers will have easier access to the videos they want and advertisers have a better chance of their ads will be viewed.

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