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If you read this blog regularly, you’ll start to understand some of the things involved with SEO. As you know one of those things include video optimization, it includes adding the keywords and areas you want your website to be associated with.  But one thing I encourage is content, not only like the written content on your site but in your videos. Most business owners when they have a YouTube video only have a video with basic static information. Google looks into content, even on YouTube so the more you put out there the better it increases your web presence.

For some perspective, I have a client who owns a general contracting company. They perform a number of different projects whether it is bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, masonry, landscaping, etc.  What I suggested for him is to make short episodes for projects he performs. For example if there is a kitchen he’s redoing, I suggest doing a 3 minute episode for each job required for that kitchen to be complete. That is something that can provide a number of episodes for one project, it extends the amount of content for the site and it’s informative to the public on remodeling projects.

-George Freeman

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