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While many people may only think of YouTube as a site to look up outlandish home videos or the latest funny commercial, it can actually be used for much more than that.  YouTube can act as an additional resource for your SEO efforts.  Being owned by Google (the top search engine)
and following behind as the #2 search engine also has its benefits.

The goal of businesses to increase their online presence and search results can be put into action in numerous ways.  Obvious attempts would include those such as focus on their website and social media networks, but some look past the easy (and free) step of also including videos.  “Every video you post to your channel can be tagged and indexed,” explains Mitchell Harper, “increasing the odds your brand name will appear in natural searches for keywords associated with your business.”

What is even more appealing about the use of YouTube videos is the fact that you can personalize them and include whatever information you want.  You have the ability to capture a viewer’s attention, pull them in, and ultimately create a situation that leaves them interested in your company.  The honest truth is that we live in world where most people would prefer to click “play” and watch a 60 second clip rather than read a few paragraphs of text, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Mitchell Harper of Mashable offers 4 tips for using YouTube for SEO purposes to the best of your ability:

1)     Choose Your Topics

2)     Record Your Videos

3)     Optimize for VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization)

4)     Build a Base of Viewers

The steps appear to be rather simple, and they are.  If you know what your company’s online goals are, the audience you want to target, and how to get these videos into a YouTube account, you are on the right path.  From YouTube to Facebook to your personal website, your outlets for videos are plenty.  The more hits, the more exposure.  As Harper says, just remember to “use a lot of supporting words that give context to your video. Words such as ‘jog,’ ‘sports’ and ‘men’ help Google figure out exactly what the video is about.”

It seems very unlikely, if not impossible, that our dependency on the internet will not continue to grow, and YouTube is just one of many resources that also has the added bonus of a little extra entertainment value.  According to Kevin Alloca, YouTube Trends Manager, “there were more than 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) playbacks on YouTube this year.” For this reason, it is probably safe to say that this is a search engine that will continue to be one worth paying attention to.


– Casey Guntlow

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