YouTube: The Underrated Search Engine

When we think of search engines we often think of the obvious ones – Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There is one more search engine that people often overlook, a search engine so popular that it is second behind Google in popularity… YouTube. It’s not that people forget about YouTube, but most people don’t realize that YouTube is actually a search engine. Think about it though, you search for a certain topic, and YouTube shows you the most appropriate results related to your specific query.

Searches on YouTube

YouTube is not often thought of as a search engine because people think of it simply as a video streaming service, which is true. Videos of any kind can be found on YouTube, and that is part of why it is such a popular search engine. Especially, when it comes to how-to and tutorial related searches, those types of queries have grown exponentially in recent years and continue to do so. It is no secret that videos provide more engaging content for users, and when searching for a how-to method, people often find it easier to follow a video and they are able to visualize the steps rather than read a text-only guide.

Optimizing for YouTube

The beauty of YouTube is that when you provide a well-optimized video, not only will it show up high on YouTube rankings, but it also may be featured on Google’s SERPs, gaining you more impressions and encouraging more user actions. YouTube is a search engine, so it has its own complex algorithm to rank its content, and there are a few best practices to optimize for YouTube. Similar to Google, you must have relevant and informative video content. A video title with targeted keywords, as well as keyword tags. The video description should also be content rich with appropriate keyword placement. Creating fresh new content and consistently adding to your YouTube channel is a good way to build a follower base, you can also promote videos on social media to increase exposure.
Creating informative, optimized YouTube videos can greatly increase impressions, drive traffic, and hopefully promote conversions. YouTube optimization should play a role in any SEO strategy. If you need assistance with video optimization or have any SEO related question, contact the experts here at Boston Web Marketing today!

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