YouTube Shorts Updated Its Advertising: What You Need To Know

Short-form video content is becoming increasingly popular across the Internet. Many social media apps seem to have their own variation of it – Instagram has reels, Facebook has shorts, and Snapchat has viral stories to view each day. One of Google’s biggest assets, YouTube, has an alternative to this approach as well in YouTube Shorts. As it does with its algorithms on a regular basis, Google released regular updates for this platform to cater more to the user experience. This includes a new update released this month regarding your ability to advertise on YouTube Shorts. So, what changed about it – and how can you use it to your advantage? We explain more below!

The Biggest Changes

YouTube Shorts, like many of the other short-form video options online, was created to be a viable competitor to TikTok. Over the brief period that it’s been around, it has proven that it can gain a similar following! The rise in popularity of this platform gave way to some sweeping changes that aim to make the user and advertiser experience a more enjoyable one. There are a few noteworthy changes that were made to this platform with the update:

Expanded Video Reach Campaigns

If you’re familiar with advertising on YouTube, you’d know that video reach campaigns existed well before YouTube Shorts. Google expanded these types of ad campaigns to include Shorts in the new update! They showcase your existing video to your target audience alongside the other shorts in a user’s algorithm, which helps to improve your reach and your campaigns’ efficiency. According to Google’s official release, this is something they tested with Paramount+ to big success!

YouTube Select Capabilities

YouTube Select is another advertising feature that this new update expanded access to! This feature helps to promote brand safety, ensuring that your ads appear only next to relevant and appropriate content for your industry. They also allow you advanced controls to better reach your target audience, including things like demographics, video category, and location. The only drawback of YouTube advertising is that your audience is much broader than on search engines. Despite this, YouTube Shorts is a useful platform for reaching your desired audience quickly.

How Your Business Can Benefit

If you’re an advertiser for your business, you can enjoy much more creative freedom in your ad production. You’ll be able to narrow down your target audience and ensure that your content appears next to trending shorts that your demographic frequents. Taking advantage of the many places online where advertising flourishes is a surefire way to help your business receive more traction.

Google Ads With Boston Web Marketing

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