YouTube Removing Demographic Data from Analytics

YouTube will begin providing slightly less data in analytics reports in order to protect viewer privacy going forward.  While demographic information will continue to be included in the report, creators and channel managers will not be able to view filtered data by product or on private videos.

Currently, creators can filter demographic information by the YouTube products used to view the video, through YouTube, YouTube Kids or YouTube Gaming. Unlisted videos will no longer include demographic data unless it is posted as an advertisement through Google AdWords, where the data will be listed in AdWords for Video reports. If your channel has received minimal traffic during a time period, demographic data will no longer be included in the report.

Sources at YouTube say that the change will be minimal and only affect channels with thousands of regular views. Your video advertising should not be affected due to the capability to view the data in  AdWords, but you may begin to rethink the audiences you can reach. This is the latest change the search engine has undergone in recent months, after making changes to its Partner Program in January. Previous applicants to the Partner Program were required to have 10,000 views of their content prior to entering the program. The latest policy change altered the parameters to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours in the previous year. Maintaining optimized videos will help your videos be seen in YouTube search results by the audience you are looking to reach.

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