YouTube: Leaving Yahoo and Bing in the Dust

Right after Google, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web based on Alexa traffic rankings. Despite this, the website is still treated like any other social media site by many digital marketers who fail to see its full potential. If this sounds like you then there is good news. Going back to optimize your past videos is as simple as it is to optimize your new videos moving forward. Although, there are a few basics that you’ll have to be aware of before starting.

Just as traditional SEO tactics that would be followed on any other site, conducting quality keyword research is the most important task an individual can start with when looking to properly optimize their YouTube content. Finding out what your audience is interested in and then figuring out how they discuss it online will help when trying to brainstorm keywords related to your content.

Tools for YouTube SEO

A popular tool that many individuals do not know exists is the google trends tool which helps compare keywords to see which is search more frequently. Even if individuals are aware of this tool, many are oblivious to the fact that it contains a section titled “YouTube search” which will give you data reflecting YouTube search volume data.

Online tools such as this are valuable resources when trying to optimize YouTube videos as they can also reveal key metrics important to your channel’s success. One of the most important factors to look out for is “Watch Time” as it indicates the amount of time individuals actually spend watching your video. This metric is a high priority ranking factor as YouTube is looking to further promote videos with longer watch times and lower bounce rates as they are assumed to be higher quality than others and longer videos/watch times means longer ads and increased revenue for the company.

Individuals looking to fully optimize their videos often look to get verified by YouTube. Channels that are verified can add custom thumbnails to their videos. These custom thumbnails are highly customizable and often feature graphics designed specifically to attract viewers. These custom thumbnails in addition to proper keywords research, title implementation, and other SEO practices will help your channel rank highly in YouTube.

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