Youtube Hits One Billion Users

YouTube recently announced that it has officially hit the one billion mark for unique visitors each month.  That number seems almost hard to fathom and it means that the network is more powerful and popular than ever.  Google reached this goal back in June 2011, and with the understanding of how important it is to be found on that infamous search engine, why wouldn’t you be utilizing YouTube for your brand or company as well… especially since it is estimated that one out of every two people on the internet is paying the site a visit.

The way we absorb information across the internet is always changing; whether we are reading a blog, following a brand’s tweets or visiting the official website of a company, and visual marketing is no less important.  Personally, I think that a catchy one minute video can go a lot further than some of the other generic and average approaches companies make to gain more followers and business.  YouTube is a perfect avenue to begin or continue marketing yourself, so take the initiative as a brand or business-owner to begin adapting to this component of SEO and you will have the opportunity to reach a vast and different pool of people interested in your company and what you have to offer.

By Casey Guntlow

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