YouTube Announces New Ways to Monetize Your Channel

YouTube is rolling out new ways for creators to monetize their videos through clicks and interactions from viewers. Announced during the 10th annual VidCon, these new revenue generation methods can be used to maximize impact from high-performing or viral videos as well as provide new ways for creators to interact and communicate with subscribers and casual viewers. These include:

Super Stickers

Launched at the start of 2017, Super Chats became a way for creators to monetize live streams by allowing viewers to purchase messages that stand out against the constant flood of messages in the chat stream. Super Chats do not have a set price, depending on how much the viewer wants to give the channel. The higher the dollar amount, the longer the message is pinned to the top of the chat. Super Stickers are an offshoot of Super Chats, allowing viewers and subscribers to send animated stickers through live stream chats. According to YouTube, certain streams have been earning over $400 for each minute of a livestream due to the purchase of chats and stickers, becoming the top revenue generator for many creators.

Tiered Memberships

YouTube has been launching different types of paid subscriptions for the last several years, from YouTube Premium for $11.99 per month to channel memberships for $4.99 monthly. During VidCon, it was announced that creators were going to be able to introduce their own subscription tiers, setting up to five different price points with different perks and incentives for each. The system will be similar to Patreon, a platform used by creators both on and offline to monetize their art while providing members with an inside look at the process or even at exclusive materials.

Partnerships for Merchandise

YouTube creators were able to create and sell merch including stickers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and posters through a partnership with the company Teespring. During their VidCon presentation, YouTube announced new partnerships with DFTBA, Crowdmade, Rooster Teeth, Represent and Fanjoy; allowing content creators more opportunities to sell merch that appeals to their specific audience. Thumbnails and purchase links can be displayed on the channel’s “Merch Shelf” directly on the channel page. If your channel is dedicated to displaying how your products work or are meant to be used, you can also include links to your site for viewers to purchase them directly.

Running Ads to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Running bumper ads or extended ads in front of partnered videos are other effective ways to monetize your YouTube channel, allowing you to include calls-to-action and links to relevant pages on your website.

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