YouTube Announces Changes to Partner Program Eligibility

YouTube has updated its criteria for allowing users to run advertisements before videos as a part of its Partner Program. The program allows content creators using the platform to monetize their videos by running short ads before their original videos. Starting on February 20th, current members of the YouTube Partner Program will need to meet a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and have had their content watched for 4,000 hours in the 12 months prior to applying.
The previous threshold Partners needed to meet was 10,000 total views of their videos. View counts are no longer considered when reviewing applications. Google, which owns YouTube, will also be considering abuse flags, spam reports, and community strikes when determining new Partners and reviewing users already in the YouTube Partner Program. If a user’s channel is found to be violating the Google Community Guidelines in any way, its eligibility for the Partner Program will be revoked. The changes come after the platform came under fire for promoted, viral content from Google Preferred users that have violated community guidelines. Google sees the new threshold as harder to foil. While users could encourage viewers to leave their videos on in the background on autoplay to get to the total number of views needed, hitting a specific hour count and subscriber count will be more difficult to fabricate. According to YouTube statistics, eligible channels for the updated Partner Program guidelines will be able to account for 95% of advertiser reach. Due to the number of potential views a YouTube advertisement may receive, YouTube ads can be used to generate leads, website clicks and clicks to the advertisers’ own channel.
The new threshold has been met with mixed reviews from smaller channels who see the new threshold as a challenge to reach, especially if they were struggling to hit the previous landmark. YouTube users currently applying for the YouTube Partner Program have to meet the current threshold effective immediately.

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