Your Website is Ruining Your PPC Performance

While you need to create & maintain a Google AdWords account for a successful PPC performance, that’s not all it takes. Having a solid built website is becoming a progressively important part of PPC achievement. The follow are some elements that will affect your PPC performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is pretty evident that having a substantial website can assist in improving your conversion rates. Having a sturdy landing page can increase your PPC performance.

Knowledgeable Shoppers

Clients have been online shopping safely for almost a decade now. They’re accustomed to entering credit card & personal information for the shipment of products. While customers are quick to shop online, doesn’t exactly mean they’re eager to shop with anyone.

  • Although online shopping is convenient for shoppers, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t aware of the potential risks from sharing info online. If your website doesn’t look professionally created, a shopper most likely find you trustworthy. Start off by using some neutral colors, adding reviews or trust seals to inform your customers you’re a genuine company.


Personally, when I’m online shopping, I don’t want to be digging through pages upon pages for the product I’m looking for. If a user is clicking on an ad for a blue plaid shirt, make sure they are taken directly to the page that has the blue plaid shirt on it.

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