Your Social Media Picture Size Guide

It’s not a secret that every social media has their own size photos that are allowed, and what they want you to use. How can you crop an image to make it look ideal across all social media platforms? We’ll break it down by platform and their ideal size, so you know exactly what to expect and can make your images look the best!

Facebook Picture Size

Today, Facebook is a common household name. It’s the world’s most popular social media guide, so it’s no wonder people use it for not only social but for businesses as well.

Facebook Cover Photo Size: 820 x 312 pixels – this will act as a banner across your page.

Facebook Profile Photo Size: 180 x 180 pixels – this is going to be the main photo on a Facebook page.

Event Photo Size: 920 x 1080 – this will act as the main photo associated with your event page on Facebook.

If you have any questions on Facebook for business, you can read more about why Facebook is good for your business here.

Twitter Picture Size

With people turning to Twitter for news and updates with what’s going on in the world, and everyone else’s life, pictures give the audience a visual of who this is about, and who the person is.

Profile Image: 400 x 400 pixels – this follows across your timeline and as your tweets show up in other’s timeline.

Header Image: 1500 x 500 pixels – like Facebook, this shows up as a banner in your profile.

Instagram Picture Size

Instagram is purely visual so making sure that you have correct sizes go a long way. This means when people are seeing your photo it is optimized so that the viewer is seeing what you want them to be seeing.

Profile Image: 110 x 110 – this is your picture on your profile as well as the timeline when you post a photo.

Picture thumbnail: 161 x 161 – this will be the smaller images when someone views your profile.

Pinterest Picture Size

Since day one, people have been organizing their dreams with Pinterest – wedding, future homes, closets, kids, you name it, there’s a board for it. This is a great platform to show the world what your trade is and get your brand out there.

Profile Image: 165 x 165 pixels – this shows everyone who is pinning and what they look like.

Pin Size: 238 pixels – this is a pinner’s preview of the photo.

With so many of today’s world revolving around social media, there’s so much to keep up with. Social media has become very competitive recently, we have information on how to go viral as well.

Let us know how we can help you optimize your online presence today, contact us to learn how we are helping business’ get found quick!

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