Your SEO Strategy for the New Year

The holidays have passed and the New Year has officially arrived.  While many of us may have spent some time reflecting on 2013 and what we resolve to do personally in the year 2014, it is also important to  consider this for your business or brand.  Successes, failures, goals to reach; these are all factors that we suggest each company assess in relation to their SEO and online marketing efforts.

Mobile friendly sites, social media activity, the latest and greatest Google algorithms- these are just a few of the significant and most popular topics of conversation in the SEO world and factors that will remain important in this new year.  Does your website have a mobile-responsive design? Have you been maintaining a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+? Have your SEO efforts met the requirements of Google Hummingbird? If the answers are yes, then this is the perfect opportunity for you as a business to lay out additional goals for the website.  If the answers are no, reaching these goals is a helpful step in the right direction for 2014 and the prosperity of your business.

Ultimately,  in the area of online marketing the main focus for you as a business or brand should be to establish the strongest and most quality reputation that you can.  We already know that SEO efforts require the culmination of many different strategies and areas of focus in order to reach the best result.  Stay up-to-date on marketing news, utilize all avenues that provide potential new clients and remember that online marketing is an ongoing process in which those who continually adapt and expand with each update are those that ultimately succeed.  Make 2014 your company’s year!

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