Your Guide to Voice Search

Have you ever been multi-tasking and used the voice search function on your phone to search for you? As a business, how can you optimize your website for voice search? By keeping in mind the latest trends with SEO, you are able to get ahead of your competitors. Here’s your guide to making sure that you aren’t missing out on the opportunities when people are talking into their phones or home assistants.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is when someone is talking into a device, like a phone or a home assistant, to search for something via a search engine. With home assistants becoming more and more popular like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Apple HomePod, it’s important to take into consideration that people have a tendency to type differently than they would talk.

How to Optimize for Voice

Length of Searches

People typing generally use more vague terms and also are shorter when typing. For example,  you might use the search term “best place for brunch” when looking for a brunch spot. Whereas, when people are talking they generally are more specific and use longer searches. For example, “what is the best place for brunch around ___?” The type of search becomes longer and more specific.

Voice Search With Questions

When people talk, they are more likely to ask questions, rather than type out statements. When people type in a search, they are normally 3-5 words compared to a longer sentence or complete thought.

The Users Will be More Specific

Since people using voice search will be using more specific queries when searching, the users will be more inclined to convert when finding your products or offerings. These searchers will be landing on your website from searching the specific content.

Location Plays a Major Role

People that use voice search capabilities are three times more likely to be searching for something local than not. For example, users might search, “what is the best restaurant for dinner near me?” as they are getting ready for their evening. Location plays a major role in overall SEO, but an even bigger role with voice searching.

Voice search is a trend that is popular and is not going anywhere. Being prepared for the growing demographic of voice searchers will only help your business grow.

If you are worried about how your website will rank on a voice search compared to a text search, contact us SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing. We are happy to help you and your business rank just as well when people are talking and searching vs. typing. For a free SEO consultation, you can contact us on our website or call us at 857-526-0096

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