Your Guide to Instagram Reels in 2022

If you haven’t heard by now, video content is the future of social media. The most effective and fastest way to improve your reach and impressions on Instagram is by utilizing their latest feature – Instagram Reels.

While it may sound easy, creating a visually appealing Reel is no easy feat. There are certain things to keep in mind when creating your video content, & this is where Boston Web Marketing comes in.

Strategy Behind Creating your Reel

Before you go ahead and create your Reel, you need to have a plan set in place. Things to consider in your plan include:

  • What topic makes the most sense for your brand? Is it styling tips, food recipes, or how-tos? What would fit in naturally with your brand right now?
  • How can you fit Reels in cohesively with your current Instagram strategy?
  • Who is your target audience, and how will you best speak to them?

If you’re able to answer all of these questions right away – great! If not, spend some time going through Instagram and looking at similar accounts to yours. Look at different trends, aesthetics, audio, visuals, and tone. 

This helps build a solid understanding of what your content should look and act like, and it will make creating the content way easier. 

Once you create your Reel, add additional effects and text to make your content stand out. You can use stickers, AR effects, filters, or trending audio. Instagram provides an entire library of each of these to choose from, just make sure they are still on-brand with your business. 

How the Algorithm Works

Understanding the algorithm is key to success on any search engine or social platform. Similar to Google, there is a recipe of key factors to keep in mind when creating your content.

Instagram is going to prioritize Reels that use different creative tools like camera filters or text, have vertical dimensions (specifically a ratio of 9:16 or 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels), use music from Instagram’s library, and has high engagement (comments, likes, shares, and saves).

Reels are meant to inspire, entertain, or are experimental. Try new and different things on your page to see what works best!

5 Things to Keep in Mind

  • Use on-text captions

85% of videos are watched without sound on Facebook, and utilizing subtitles are critical for those with hearing impairments. 

  • Try a Trend for Inspo

Trends are constantly coming and going on Reels and platforms like TikTok. Try to jump on trends as quickly as they come in to take advantage of a trending audio! Scroll through the audio to get an idea of what other creators are doing with their own content. 

  • Encourage Users to Visit the Link in Bio

Use a clear call-to-action to encourage users to go back to the link in your bio. Not only will this help drive traffic to your website, but it can help better explain to your audience what your business is about. 

  • Post Consistently

If you ask any content creator, their first piece of advice is going to be “post consistently.” While this doesn’t need to be every day of the week, it’s better to consistently post every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday than not at all.

  • Include Hashtags

Since Instagram is an algorithm, hashtags service as a way to help it understand what your content is about. This then helps it to show your content to users who are interested in similar topics. No matter what your niche is, there is a creative Instagram Reel out there for you.

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