Your Facebook Likes May Drop

You may notice in the next few days that the number of Facebook users who like your business page may drop.

Facebook has announced that effective today, March 12, they made a change to how the number of likes a page has received are counted.  In order to make the data more meaningful to your business page, users who have deactivated their accounts will no longer be counted among those who like your business.   Facebook believes that this change will make your data more valuable because all those who still like your page are considered active and engaged users.  In other words, users you can target through your page versus those who are really no longer there.

Going forward, users who deactivate their account will automatically be subtracted from your pages  total like count and users who reactivate their accounts will automatically add back into your numbers again.

It will be interesting to see how this change will effect your audience numbers.  As always, the best way to keep a page popular is to keep it accurate and relevant.

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