You Can Now Add A “Call Now” Button to Google Posts

Are you looking for a way to quickly boost conversions in your Google My Business listing? You can now add a Call Now button directly into a Google Post about your latest blog content, an upcoming event or ongoing promotion to capture leads and phone calls.

How Does the New Call-To-Action Work?

The phone number posted on your Google My Business listing will be linked in a convenient button on your update, where it will remain live for the next seven days. The number cannot be changed, so you will not be able to use an additional number specifically created to tell conversions apart. The button can be added the same way as any other post: after writing your post and uploading a relevant image, slide on the “Add Button” feature. From the drop-down, you will be able to select the Call Now button, which will open up the phone application on mobile devices.

This feature also benefits businesses trying to increase the number of reviews they have on Google. Once a call has been completed, the customer will be prompted to leave a review of your company, which will appear on the listing and affect your overall rating. This should encourage your employees to practice good phone behavior, providing the best possible service to customers even before they step foot in your establishment.

Adding Google Posts to Your Listing

If you are looking to attract new customers to your business right from your Google My Business listing, utilizing Google Posts are an inexpensive way to drive website traffic and conversions. Posts can be written by accessing your Google My Business dashboard and navigating to the designated item on the menu. Ideally, posts are between 100-300 words and contain an image and a link to your website. Since the feature was rolled out late in 2017, a select list of calls-to-action has been available to users, inviting them to learn more about or contact your business. This can benefits both eCommerce businesses, with Buy and Order Online buttons available, as well as businesses with consistent content and new services with the Learn More button. Using these buttons allow you to attract traffic to your blog, sign-ups for your newsletters and promotion for any coupons or special offers you are using for your products and services.

Google Posts are not just limited to large businesses with huge marketing budgets. As long as you have a verified listing, you’ll be able to add Posts that will show up in your search traffic, in the Knowledge Graph.

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