Yext Teams Up With Uber to Help Businesses & Customers

As a Search Engine Optimization company, it’s our job to track data, analyze numbers, and determine ROI for our customers. However, not all data is created equal, and sometimes it can be downright difficult to track certain user aspects. One of the most difficult aspects to track is how many in-store visits were a direct result of an Internet search.

About the Yext for Uber Tool

As many users know, Yext is a local listing company on which companies can add a business profile. When users search for an industry online, such as pizza shops, they have the opportunity to find pizza places within Yext’s local listing site. After finding the desired pizza place, the user can simply request an Uber ride right to the business without having to leave the app.

How Will This Benefit Users & Businesses?

For users, this is a wonderful opportunity to always have a guaranteed ride to a business. Enjoy streamlined online usability. Soon, businesses will be able to send emails to customers with an embedded link that leads straight to an Uber ride.

For businesses, the possibilities to improve ROI are endless. Yext’s platform gives local search marketers the ability to track when users go to a company’s listing page. Now with the ability to order an Uber, we can now track the number of rides requested to the brick and mortar store through Yext. We are able to track an organic search, a click into the local 3-pack to visit the site, to calling an Uber.

Restaurants and retail stores in particular will benefit from this new business partnership, but there will no doubt be creative ways for other industries to reap the benefits of this Yext for Uber Tool.

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