Yelp Vs Google in the EU

Yelp is coming at Google with a multi-billion dollar fine once again over Google’s abuse of power with its domain when it comes to shopping. Google is in the process of blocking this lawsuit so they do not have a repeat of a similar lawsuit Yelp pinned against Google in 2017.

The back story

In 2017 the European Commission fined Google 2.7 billion is an act that is defined as “dominant shopping position.” Basically, Google runs shopping ads on its SERPS as it does with all companies that offer services. The way the SERP is laid is in 2 parts basically. “Above the fold” is everything that we can see without scrolling down on a page. In the Above, the fold section on SERPS google will show paid ads then maps if they have them & then organics in that order. In Europe, Google showed all of its products in the above the fold In paid ads & map locations. This, of course, was seen as biased & thus the lawsuit was filed.

The resolutions

Although Google was able to evade the first multi-billion dollar lawsuit they still decided to make some changes to the way that their shopping ads appeared in Europe. Google basically allowed local paid ads for Europe to be seated in the top spot on the page on the SERPS. However, this did not change the minds of the EU commission. In a recent study; an eye test was given to track to see where people look on a screen. The studied showed that 92% of viewers did not initially look at the top of the page where Google put the European ads; instead, viewers initially look at the middle of the screen.

Why you should care

This event might be happening in the EU however, these changes will be happening in the U.S soon. The world is taking note of this current situation & Google is now being cautious to make sure they do not get a class action lawsuit with other countries. In the upcoming months be on the lookout for changes in the SERPS!


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