Yelp Launches Three New Features for iPhone & Android Users

Avid users of Yelp will rejoice today with the launch of three new exciting features for iPhone and Android mobile users. All the more reason for businesses to make sure they have an active profile on Yelp!

A play on the word “selfie”, Yelp’s first major feature of their update includes the ability to take a “yelfie”. When users check in to a business location using the Yelp app, they can take a photo to add to the business page. After doing so, their camera will flip views and prompt the user to take a “yelfie”, along with adding the name of the business and a star rating. The “yelfie” gives users a chance to gain some notoriety by putting a face to the review!

Image AI
With over 100,000 photos being uploaded to Yelp every day, the best ones may not always make it to the front of your business page. Luckily, Yelp’s new AI can identify the highest quality photos to display on your page. People “eat with their eyes” so-to-speak, so this feature makes sure the most mouthwatering photos are showcased first.

Bookmark Sharing
This past October, Yelp launched bookmark collections, which enabled users to curate and organize their favorite businesses. After updating the Yelp app today, users will be able to share their bookmark lists by tapping on the share icon. Each bookmark collection will have a unique link that you can give out or post on social media sites.

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