Yelp is Offering New Tools to Paid Business Advertisers

The review aggregator Yelp recently announced a range of new tools that are available to advertisers who pay for their services. The new tools are used to help generate revenue and help business owners with Yelp listings better interact with customers. The announcement comes on the heels of Google My Business rolling out new tools to further optimize listings. The new Yelp tools are used to enhance the following:

Highlighting Your Business & Item Portfolio

Two of the key products now being offered include Business Highlights and Portfolio. Business Highlights allow the business owners and controllers of the listing to select two relevant icons from a 30 item list that best describe your products or services to customers looking for a business to work with. Some icon selections include:

  • Family Owned
  • [Number of] Years in Business
  • Veteran Owned
  • Wifi Available

The Business Highlights tool was made to help businesses without a substantial number of reviews stand out against competitors with more reviews and customer interactions.  The icons available are similar to new attributes available in the Google My Business dashboard to attach to listings, but Yelp is offering a wider variety of icons.

Portfolio adds a new location for business owners to showcase past projects or current product offerings to show work off for customers. Unlimited photos with customizable descriptions are available to business owners who are looking to use this feature. Yelp has also designed a chat functionality to work in tandem with the Portfolio, as well as a button that allows customers to submit for project quotes.

Verified Licensing

The Yelp Verified License initially launched this past March and allows the platform to manually check a business’ credentials in their respective fields as well as their standing with local organizations, including the Better Business Bureau. If your licenses can be verified, Yelp will add a blue badge to your account listing for $1 per day. Because the business has been verified, Yelp says it may see more customer engagements between calls, website clicks and looking up directions. This feature is still in the process of rolling out and is only available in certain states including New York, Florida, Texas, and California. The feature is only available in certain business categories for the time being.

Bundled Pricing

Yelp is going to offer the new Business Highlights and Portfolio products for $2 each day, and is working on developing bundle pricing for business clients looking to work with multiple products to enhance their listings.

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