Is Yelp the Most Influential Review Site?

Representatives of Yelp believe they are the most reliable and influential local review site; this is all according to a newly issued Nielsen Survey that was conducted a few weeks ago. The results of this survey have Yelp as the front runner of all review sites.
Here are some other notable local review sites that were included in the survey:
• Angie’s List
• City Search
• OpetTable
• TripAdvisor
• Yellow Pages
• Zagat
They surveyed 1,000 U.S. users of review sites; the survey was conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Yelp. The fact that it was commissioned by Yelp jeopardizes the validity of this survey. They survey featured 22 questions, and the results were weighted by gender and age.
As mentioned earlier, there were over 1,000 users surveyed, however, Yelp only released a few of the results; more suspicion is raised as to why they only released a few of the results.
The three core components of the survey measured: “Most influential”, “Most Trustworthy”, and “Best Quality”. The small sample of results that were released, have Yelp as the front runner.
There are some skeptics out there; many people are thinking that this survey just is valid enough. Some ask why Google and Facebook weren’t included in the survey; probably because both Google & Facebook would surpass Yelp. Others saw that out of the 1,000 samples, 668 were Yelp users; maybe their answers were a little bias?
Yelp claims the respondents were not claimed, and that they were picked purely for their usage of review sites.
There’s no doubt that Yelp is a great source, which helps users better understand local businesses, and it is a more liable source than its immediate competitors. However, this survey does raise some questions about the validity and merit of the results.
We will let you be the judge; checkout some of the other review sites that were included in this survey, and compare them to Yelp!

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