Yelp Cracking Down On Businesses Who Threaten Legal Action Against Customers

Maintaining a Yelp page is an important part of owning a business in the 21st century. Yelp is also an important part of being a consumer in the 21st century as well. This is because Yelp allows consumers to easily find the best businesses in their area by holding dysfunctional businesses accountable for their poor service while rewarding well-run businesses for their high-quality services. This makes it essential for business owners to closely monitor their Yelp pages. Unfortunately for business owners, Yelp often attracts disgruntled customers, making it the go-to platform for communication between angry business owners and upset reviewers.

There are a number of things that go into managing an ideal Yelp page, yet none of them include threatening legal action against reviewers. However, many businesses take this route anyway. While the majority of these upset business owners are undoubtedly just trying to scare reviewers into removing their negative review, Yelp’s making a stand designed to penalize businesses who threaten to take legal action against negative reviewers by including the below message to alert consumers about.

YELP legal action message

When customers go to leave a review on Yelp for businesses that Yelp has flagged, they will now be alerted with this message prior to posting their review. For business owners, the best course of action to take when receiving a negative review is to respond appropriately, whether it be an apology or a request for more information. This is the type of action that Yelp prefers to see over business owners taking legal action.



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