Yelp Adds ‘Special Hours’ to Businesses

Google Business’ Special Hours feature makes it easy and convenient for business owners to let potential customers know if their business will be closed or operating under modified hours. When users are searching on Google, the knowledge graph displayed on the right side of search results pages, can display these ‘special hours’, which are especially useful to update around the holidays.

This month, Yelp introduced their ‘special hours’ feature, just before the 2016 holiday season. Now business owners can update their business’ hours for certain holidays. This new feature can also be used to update your hours in case of an emergency, such as a pipe burst.

To update your business’ special hours, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit:

2. Log into your Yelp Business Account

3. Go to the ‘Business Information’ tab on the left sidebar

4. Scroll down to ‘Special Hours’ and select closed or modify your business hours for the specific day.


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