Year-In-Recap Marketing Emails: The Main Topics You Want To Hit

The end of the year is a hectic time for people. We sometimes forget the little things that make the holiday season and New Year so special. Those little unexpected gestures from companies and businesses will not be forgotten. Sending a year-in-recap and thanking your clients for their business is something that people really love to receive. In this blog post, we will explore what should be included in the end-of-year email and text marketing campaigns.

What Are Year-In-Review Emails?

An end-of-year email campaign celebrates your company and audience by showing different milestones throughout the year. This type of email marketing hits the emotions, making your clients feel like they were a part of your journey this year. Images and links will be crucial in this type of email campaign. While some companies have the capacity to make personalized “wrapped” style content, a lot of small businesses are able to send out a mass email with the same information to all of their clients.

Celebrate Your Customer’s Experiences

Businesses can range from 3 to over 500 employees, so celebrating wins in this email will be impactful. From a business that started this year to businesses that have been running for over 30 years, there are always little things that you can celebrate in this email. We want to harp on milestones and achievements in this email. Along with making the email visually pleasing, look back on your business’s successful events, new services and features, anniversaries, a new site launch, and awards and nominations.

How Can I Start My Own End-Of-Year Email Marketing Campaign?

Starting a new campaign can be scary, but using some free/paid software online will make this process easy and seamless. Some of the most popular include MailChimp and Constant Contact. When picking a website to launch your campaign from, it is important to focus on not only your budget but also the average number of users on your website and how aggressively you plan to promote your email list or newsletter. If you want to use this software for all your marketing emails, it is important to research and see what platform works best for business needs.


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