Yahoo’s Search Share Continues to Grow

In November 2014, the internet browser “Firefox” announced that they would be making Yahoo their default search engine. Since this change, Yahoo has made consistent gains in U.S. search share every month. In November, Yahoo constituted 8.6% of the US search share, compared to 77.3% for Google and 12.1% for Bing. In January 2015, Yahoo took 10.9%, an increase of 2.1% from November. In this time, Google went down to 74.8% of the search share.

StatCounter, who reported the numbers, says this is the highest search share Yahoo has seen in 5 years. They have also found that these gains are attributable to the Firefox default change. With Firefox users taken out of the equation, the Yahoo search share remains constant through January. Google has tried to get their Firefox users back by asking users on Google to make the search engine default again, in place of Yahoo.

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