Yahoo Small Business Listings Moving to Yext

Yahoo small business is outsourcing their local listings management service to Yext. The partnership by Yahoo is aimed to make claiming local business listings easier and to improve the accuracy of the listing data. Yahoo has notified their customers about the change to Yext earlier this month. Yahoo has noted that the benefits of the partnership include the ability to publish multiple business listings across various listing sites as well as an updated dashboard system.

Starting in November, customers will receive an email from Yext to notify them when their new dashboard is ready to use. Users will be prompted to create a new account with Yext to access the Dashboard. Yext will allow a 30-day window to access their Yext account. After the 30 days, the Yext listing status will be subject to change back to the original “unclaimed” status.

New claims can be submitted through Yext for each of your existing yahoo listings. After the claim is approved by Yext, you’ll have access to your Yext Dashboard where you can edit your listing

Yext will still enable local marketers to manage their listings for free on Yahoo while offering their Yext’s PowerListings data syndication product.

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