Is a Yahoo Powered Search Engine in the Near Future?

Business insider has reported seeing a yahoo mobile search without the “powered by Bing” blurb that is seen within the footer of search results. Currently Yahoo is using Bing’s search algorithm and then in return has placed this message at the bottom of all search pages. This is what it looks like on the bottom of the page:


Reports are that the Bing message is already back into the search results and I myself also noticed it is back. One thing we do know is that Bing and Yahoo have recently struck a 30 day deal as they continue to finalize a longer term deal. This brings the question whether Yahoo is possibly testing their own search.

Business Insider said:
“A couple weeks ago, a person who claims to have been working in Yahoo’s search division until recently told us that, under Mayer, Yahoo built its own mobile search engine. This source that Yahoo was testing it with 15% of its mobile users. We’ve been unable to corroborate all of those details, but — thanks to instructions from that source — we were able to able to load the new version of Yahoo’s mobile search engine.”

We will continue to monitor the relationship between Bing and Yahoo because a new Yahoo Search engine could be in the near future.

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