Writing the Perfect Page Titles for Your Website

Well-written and optimized page titles are crucial for search engine optimization. They assist both users and search engines in understanding the page’s purpose. Because they are imperative to your SEO strategy, our experts at Boston Web Marketing would like to share tips and tricks on how to best write and optimize your website’s page titles. 

Page Title Length

Google and other search engines have algorithms that include reading your page titles. These algorithms also have rules. One important rule is to ensure that your page titles do not exceed 60 characters. By going over 60 characters, search engines and users may not be able to read the entire title of the page, which could cause some confusion regarding its content. 

Clear, Concise, and Relevant

Because page titles are imperative for search engines and users to understand the purpose of your website page, be sure that your page titles are clear, concise, and relevant to the content on the page. Focus on the main objective of your page, use the most relevant keyword for it, and keep it simple and understandable. 

Make Each Page Title Unique

Using duplicate page titles and keywords for each page can make it challenging for search engines and users to determine which page has the content they want. 

Include Your Brand Name

Including your brand name in your page titles allows users and search engines to differentiate you from your competitors. Chances are, your page titles are similar as you provide the same services or sell the same products. If you choose to include your brand in your page titles, it should typically be placed at the end, separated from the rest of the title. For an example, check out the page title of this blog! 

Make Them Enticing

As we mentioned previously, you want to differentiate your website from your competitors, and odds are you may have similar page titles or keywords due to selling the same products or providing the same services. Making your page titles more enticing yet still relevant to the website page will make them more appealing to users, hopefully making them more likely to click. 

Contact SEO Professionals

Writing page titles may seem like a simple task, but there is clearly much to consider regarding optimizing them for search engine results and organic search traffic. Working with professionals can help optimize your page titles, website, and SEO strategies. Reach out to the SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing today to learn more! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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