Writing the Perfect Local SEO Landing Page

So much of constructing a great landing page comes from the PPC(AdWords) industry. All of those people paying for clicks to their site want to do everything humanly possible to get the conversion rate from its visitors. The truth is that all your landing pages should be optimized to their fullest for also SEO as well. There is no 100% perfect layout that works for every site and industry but these trusted tips you can get the most out of your pages.

Local SEO ranking factors

1) Page Headlines: The headlines on your landing page should lay out a page and engage the attention of a user. If possible, try using secondary headlines as well. When creating the headlines titles, incorporate main keyword you trying to get foun

2) PT w/ City & State: Be sure that your page title is optimized with the correct city, and state.

3) URL Optimization: If you are trying to come up for a keyword with a landing page, try adding it into your URL. You don’t want a congested URL but adding a keyword can certainly help you in SEO.

4) Inbound Links:  To help boost your landing page, inbound links can make a big difference. If you have a local link, then be sure to point it to your local landing page which you are trying to boost. Also the more authoritative the source, the bigger the boost.

5) PT w/ product/service keyword:  The big terms you are looking to get found for should be included within the page title.

6) City/State Service in H1/H2 tags:  Within your local landing page, including a quick headline tag of what you do and where you do it can be a big help.

7) Loading time of landing page: Test the load time of the specific local landing page. If it takes a while and seems annoying to user, Google won’t rank it as well.

Perfect Landing Page

When creating the perfect local landing page you need to build off of local SEO ranking factors and create a page that transfers clicks into conversions.

Product/Service Features: Include in depth information that can engage the user on everything that you offer.

Product/Service Benefits: Mention the features but really dive into how your customer will benefit from these offerings. This is a little bit of a sales pitch which tells customers what they are gaining from choosing you.

Mapped Location: Since this page is location specific, we want users to see a quick and easily found map detailing your address.

Calls To Action: It is extremely that if a user wants to convert that you have calls to action to easily allow them to contact you. This could either be a phone number or contact form.

Social Cues: Reviews and testimonials are relevant and quality ways to prove your authority and quality to potential customers.

Incorporating many of the local SEO ranking factors and popular PPC landing page tips will help create a page that performs as good as possible.

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