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Writing Effective Subject Lines for Customer Outreach

If you’re trying to increase your customer outreach, it’s vital to make sure you have a sharp subject line in your email in order to make sure your subscribers are engaged and likely to open your message. Between building out customer lists, make sure you check your open and bounce rates for previous email blasts. After taking out inactive addresses and automatic unsubscribes, if your open rate is less than 5%, your subject lines may be part of the problem. Follow these tips to make sure your subject lines are appealing and encourage your subscribers to open your message!

Be Concise but Descriptive

You might be tempted to reference something timely in your subject line, but move with caution. If you follow popular subject trends, your email may not be able to stand out among other messages in your customer’s inbox. Include a company-specific detail, and make sure the purpose of the email is clear before the click.

Add a Simple, Personal Touch

In most automation platforms, you will be able to add Merge tags, which pull the customer’s name right from your email list. Even if your email is automated, it adds a personal touch to the message and follow-ups after a purchase or trial offer is completed. Regardless of how large your business is, adding a name will make the customer feel seen.

A Shorter Subject May Be Better

If your customer is reading your email on a mobile device, the smaller screen allows for fewer characters to appear in the subject line. Figuring out the best lengths for your audience will require some testing and looking at your open rates. See what emails have the top click rates, and follow that length for future emails.

Test Emojis on Different Platforms

You may be tempted to throw an emoji or two in your subject line to draw the subscriber’s eye to your message first. However, emojis do not appear the same on each platform, varying from iPhone to Android to desktop. Before sending out your email blast, make sure you view the test email on at least three platforms to make sure the emoji enhances the email, rather than just taking up a valuable character in your subject line.

Stuck? Ask for Help!

If you’re not sure what to call your email, check your platform for recommendations! Most automation software comes with a tool that allows you to see how likely your subscribers are to click on certain keywords or phrases, as well as how they stand up to similar, perhaps more effective phrasing.

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