Writing Effective Calls-to-Action for Mobile Devices

When it comes to lead generation, marketers have a key tool up their sleeve: the call to action. Adding a call-to-action at the end of a piece of content or in buttons along the sidebar, header or footer of a page can prompt a potential customer to call your business, but you will also need to place them in any ads you run to help drive traffic. Your mobile calls-to-action can be written to best fit the search it appears for in order to get the most clicks.

Call-to-action for goal-focused searches

The keywords used to trigger your ads can tell you a lot about the customers you are reaching. If you are offering a free trial in your online advertising and a potential customer clicks to your site, they are interested in trying the product in their own home, without the commitment of purchasing something that may or may not fit their needs. Low-urgency shoppers are often interested in minimizing financial and personal risk, and while it may seem like a risk to advertise your free trial, you are more likely to generate clicks and eventually turn into conversions. Customers searching for more specific keywords will be further along in their product research, searching for more information comparing your products to competitors’ and figuring out which will best meet their specifications. Include a call to action comparing your products and include any relevant review links.

If you provide a service that will require immediate assistance and it leads to urgent searches, make sure you include your average response time in the ad. This will provide ease to the customer and make your ad more appealing. This will help your ad stand out, especially on mobile devices. Services such as locksmiths, emergency car repair, plumbers, and roofers can benefit from urgent calls-to-action mobile ads because most urgent searches are placed on phones. Adding click-to-call will be able to drive phone calls to your business.

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